Buyers Guide

Which bike is right for me?

So, you want a new bike, but don’t know where to start? Don’t fear, you are not alone.

Many people have the same questions when looking to buy a new bike, that’s why we have developed the below guide to help you find the right bike for what you need.


Mountain Bikes

If you are looking to ride on un-even terrain, over tree roots and on non-maintained trails then a Mountain Bike is likely to be the best option for you.

Mountain bikes are designed for off-road terrain, and often feature shock absorption thanks to either Front Suspension, or Full suspension systems (front and rear).

Mountain bikes come in a range of wheel sizes, including newer sizes to the UK Market such as 27.5” wheels and 29’ers which are suited to different types of terrain.


Road Bikes

Road bikes are built with one thing in mind and that is to be fast on tarmac surfaces. They have narrow, smooth tyres and ‘drop’ handle-bars to help you find an aero-dynamic position. Road bikes aren’t designed to take the shock of bumps and obstacles that you would find off-road so are a more specialist type of bike, ideally suited to leisure riding or commuting.

If you think a road bike is what you need, visit our British Eagle website to see the great range of British Eagle road bikes on offer.


Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bike are the great all-rounders and suit most people’s everyday needs. Hybrid bikes combine the key elements of both road bike and mountain bike features, for speed and versatility.

Hybrid bikes feature smoother tyres than a mountain bike to create a more comfortable ride when on the road, but are wider than a road bike to create traction whether on bridleways, canal towpaths or in the park.

Some Hybrid bikes feature front suspension forks which reduce any shocks when riding over bumps, others have rigid forks to keep them lightweight.


Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are an ideal solution if you are commuting, stuck for storage space or struggle to get a regular bike on a roof rack. They can be easily taken on the bus or train, folded up in the car boot and are great if space at home is a bit tight.


BMX Bikes

If you are young, or still young at heart at least, and want a bike for performing tricks or stunts on then a BMX is probably the right bike for you. Suitable for riders 7 years and upwards, BMX’s are designed with technical features such as Gyro’s, which allow the handlebars to be rotated 360degrees without the cables getting caught.

For ‘bigger kids’ BMX style bikes also come in 24” and 26”, and these are usually referred to as Dirt Jump bikes. To see our great range of BMX and Dirt Jump bikes please visit Zombie Bikes for our full range.


Kids Bikes

Children’s bikes are specially designed for the safety and comfort of younger cyclists. Bikes for younger children are usually available with stabilisers which help the child to balance, and can then be removed as they learn to ride. Balance bikes are also becoming popular as a first bike for children.

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