Customer Support

Assembling your bike

Have you bought a Falcon bike but need assistance to assemble it? We have put together the following video guides, leaflets and support documents in order to assist you in getting the best out of your fantastic new bike.

Manuals and Warranty Documents

If you have lost your manual or did not receive a manual with your new bike then don’t worry, we have included our manuals and warranty documents below for you to reference and download any time you like.

Service and Maintenance

Maintaining your bike in a safe condition to ride is crucial. Not only will a well maintained bike be more enjoyable to ride, it will also prevent accidents and injuries which could otherwise be avoided. We have put together some guides below to talk you through some of the simple steps that you can take as a bike owner, in order to keep your bike in top condition. Remember though, if you are unsure about anything or do not have the necessary tools then you should always seek advice from a trained bike technician.